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By Rodrigo

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FTP: file transfer protocol is the standar protocol to transfer files from one host to another host

In this tutorial we are going to install and set up proftpd as an ftp server

this tutorial was written using the following gear:

  • Hardware:           Raspberry PI B+, armv6l, microsd sanDisk 8gb, 512ram
  • OS:                     Raspbian GNU/Linux 7
  • Kernel:                3.12.35+


1.- Installing proftpd:

To install proftpd we need to use the following command

sudo apt-get install proftpd

2.- Setting up proftpd:

Up to this point, we are done, we only need to configurate proftpd we are going to enable only 2 users; the proftpd and www-data (apache) users, let's edit the /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf file, I'm going to use nano editor

nano /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf

add the following lines at the end of the file

<Limit LOGIN>
    AllowUser proftpd
    AllowUser www-data

so the end of the file should look like:

# </Anonymous>

<Limit LOGIN>
    AllowUser proftpd
    AllowUser www-data

# Include other custom configuration files
Include /etc/proftpd/conf.d/

Then uncomment the following line in order to get access with the proftpd user

RequireValidShell               off

Now write the default root for each user

DefaultRoot                     ~ www-data
DefaultRoot                     /home/pi/ftp

The first line is for "www-data" group, and the second one is the default folder which will be taken by proftpd user; now we have to create the ftp folder let's type

mkdir ~/ftp
sudo chmod 777 -R ftp
sudo chown proftpd ftp

Now we need to determine the proftpd and www-data passwords, proftpd user is created by default after installing proftpd, let's type

sudo passwd proftpd

Then do the same with the www-data user

3.- Testing the server:

We have already setted up the server, now create a plain text file within ftp folder and let's see if it is working, open a browser and type ftp://myServerIp then try to access with the different users


we can also access straight through the url

4.- Conclusion:

ftp servers can give you access to a remote server to upload files, download and edit files, is the standard protocol and is pretty useful

5.- Reference links:

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